We are a members only club and only open to the public during sanctioned events.

This  is a rimfire range only no shot guns or centerfire are allowed.

The Boerne Schuetzen Verein ( Shooting Club) was organized in 1864 by German immigrants who settled in the area not called Boerne. (Burn-ee). 

They worked hard all day to make living for themselves and their families, and needed something to do for recreation at the end of the week, so they created the club where they could go to show off their shooting prowess and try to beat the other members in a sometimes day long shoot. The men would break out their rifles and shoot against each other, while the wives cooked meals and socialized and the kids played in the fields. 

For many years, it was thought that the Shooting Club was the place to be. Almost everyone was a member and they spent as much time there as they could. Through the years, the club was moved to two other locations before being settled where it is now in 1913, just north of Boerne on Shooting Club Road. The old German "Schuetzen" style shooting has been preserved, shooting form stair -stepped wooden ramps at a target 100 yards away. In the late 1970's or early 1980's women were finally allowed to shoot with the men, They showed that the too have the ability to present some really high scores, even in adverse weather conditions. Only .22 LR caliber target rifles are used at the club, using standard velocity ammunition. Iron sights or scores are acceptable when shooting, but in the beginning, only iron sights were used.