About Auto Bench Rest Association:
ABRA was started in January 2014 by Husband and Wife Team Joe & Lisa Chacon and partner Luke Restivo.
There is a whole bunch of people that have worked on and built what we call unlimited guns. We wanted to develop an organization that gave these shooters a place to compete with their rifles and test their shooting skills. We also wanted to have a class that was more on the traditional side where a person did not have to be a gunsmith, in order to compete.
We have designed a custom target specifically for the semi - automatic firearms. It consists of 20 bulls, with a maximum score of 200. Everything is scored to the friendly side.
We will strive to make Auto Bench Rest Association the largest and best Rimfire competition ever imagined. Keeping it with a family friendly environment. We encourage you to bring your child to the range, our youth shooters are allowed to compete at no charge, we will help teach them gun safety, and good sportsmanship.
@ABRA We Automatically Shoot X's

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ABRA Rules

Match Fees 

Adult $20.00

1 gun add and additional $5.00 per additional gun.

Youth $00.00

No Charge for youth shooters unless they shoot more that 1 gun.

​Exta gun $5.00

Auto Bench Rest Association

ABRA is a sanctioning body for .22lr bench rest competitions and is made up of Unlimited and Factory Class.
The matches are shot from a bench at 50 yards and 15 minutes are allowed to shoot a 20 bull target for a maximum score of 200 with 10/22 Rifles.



We are a members only club and only open to the public during sanctioned events.

This  is a rimfire range only no shot guns or centerfire are allowed.