The Tuesday Night Boerne Wranglers
Boerne Shooting Club will be hosting 1 ABRA 4 card Match  the 3rd Tuesday of each month starting in March and ending in October. 

Note that there will be no Tuesday night match in August as we'll be prepping to leave that week for the ABRA Nationals Labor Day weekend.


We are a members only club and only open to the public during sanctioned events.

This  is a rimfire range only no shot guns or centerfire are allowed.

As a extra I, Les Williams, will be running a points award program per match and at the end of the year the top 3 participants with the most accumulated points will be awarded prize money.
1st - $75
2nd - $50
3rd - $25
The points will be awarded as follows per match.
1st place - 4 points
2nd place - 3 points 
3rd place - 2 points
all others will get 1 point.
For ABRA the points will be awarded per class. 
In order to receive the max points there must be 4 shooters for ABRA Match
If there are less than 4 shooters the points will be adjusted to reflect the number of shooters.
e.g. if there are only 2 shooters for a class
1st will get 2 points
2nd will get 1 point.
Looking forward to the upcoming season and welcoming all to come out and enjoy shooting under the stars on Tuesday night and become a Boerne Shooting Club Wrangler.